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’14 Sep 13 Sat

Saturday 13th September

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Friday 12th September

  • Rihanna's Daring Outfits at NY Fashion Week

    RiRi is the queen of Fashion Week! See her fierce, pant-less look alongside Anna Wintour at the Altuzarra show. Plus, Nicki Minaj in a classy get-up at NYFW.

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  • Grimes Scraps New Album Because “It Sucked”

    “Go,” the huge streaking pop song that Grimes wrote for Rihanna and then released herself, was a deeply divisive song, especially around this corner of the internet. Your Stereogum staff loved it, but many fans were put off, wondering if this meant Grimes was going in more of a straight-up pop direction after achieving such [...]

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  • Grimes Scraps New Album and Starts Anew

    Do you have slightly mixed feelings about Grimes' new single, "Go"? If so, you're not the only one. "Go" was famously written for (and rejected by) Rihanna, and the New York Times notes that Claire Boucher attended a songwriting bootcamp. When Grimes recorded her own version of the track, the reaction wasn't all that she had hoped. "It upsets a lot of my fans, and I get why it upsets them," she told the publication. "Everybody was like, 'Oh, Grimes is pandering to the radio.'" This came about as Grimes revealed she scrapped the recording sessions of her upcoming new album....Read More

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  • Why Would NFL Ask A Domestic Violence Victim to Open ‘Thursday Night Football’?

    Up until this afternoon, the NFL Network and CBS Sports lacked the foresight to see that Rihanna, a woman who was the victim of domestic abuse committed by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, would in effect be opening for the Baltimore Ravens on Sept. 11.

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  • Nicki Minaj’s Butt Might Be Padded: Morning Mix

    Did You Hear? :: Breaking news. Nicki Minaj‘s iconic butt might not be 100 percent authentic! Do photographs taken during her Fashion Rocks performance (above) reveal that she’s possibly using some kind of padding? My anaconda don’t want none. [TMZ] :: Rihanna and Jay Z‘s “Run This Town” has been bumped as the theme song of ... More »

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  • Rihanna's Run This Town Axed From Sports Special Amid Domestic Violence Story

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  • CBS Sports Cancels Tonight’s Rihanna Performance In The Wake Of Ray Rice Scandal

    CBS has cancelled a Rihanna musical performance that was scheduled to air during tonight’s NFL pregame show. Instead, they will show a discussion about Commissioner Roger Goodell’s recent comments on the Ray Rice incident. “It’s important to realize we are not overreacting to this story but it is as big a story as has faced [...]

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Thursday 11th September

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