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Tuesday 26th May

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Monday 25th May

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Sunday 24th May

  • Grimes Will Surprise Release New Album In October

    Grimes has been hard at work on a Visions follow-up for a while now. Rejected Rihanna single “Go” seemed like more of an outlier than a beacon of things to come, and “REALiTi” came from the version of the album that she scrapped, so we really have no idea how this album will sound. But […]

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’15 May 21 Thu

Thursday 21st May

’15 May 20 Wed

Wednesday 20th May

  • Jack White defends Tidal streaming service: 'What is elitist about it?'

    In a Q&A with fans, the former White Stripes frontman says Jay Z’s controversial music service will help struggling musicians and not just megastars

    Launched by a lineup of megastars and backed by Jay Z, the streaming service Tidal has been much-mocked. Even Mumford & Sons described the musicians who endorsed it – including Madonna, Daft Punk and Rihanna – as “new school fucking plutocrats”, while Lily Allen said the service’s $19.99 monthly fee would send listeners “back to pirate sites”.

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Tuesday 19th May

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Monday 18th May

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