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’15 Feb 20 Fri

Friday 20th February

’15 Jan 13 Tue

Tuesday 13th January

  • Le Common Diamond: Swedish Summer Dream EP

    Second four-track EP from Le Common Diamond hits the beach for the summer.

    French pop music is known to be a little erratic. For every genius-like Serge Gainsbourg there is a disposable Europop dunce lurking in the background. Europop can be fun on summer holidays, but when you take the record home it is somehow not the same in a different setting, bereft of the sea and sunshine evidenced from a hotel balcony. To take an extreme example, "Macarena" (not French, but definitively Europop) is probably not something…

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’14 Dec 18 Thu

Thursday 18th December

  • 2014 albums we missed: Sylvie Simmons – Sylvie review

    There’s an unspoken rule among rock critics: don’t release your own music. Simmons shatters that rule to gripping effect with one of the most beautiful, low-key albums of the year

    There’s no getting around the fact that, at first glance, Sylvie Simmons’s debut album is quite a tough sell. Simmons is best known as a writer: LA correspondent for Sounds in the 70s, Kerrang’s hair metal expert in the 80s, latterly Mojo’s Americana critic and author of acclaimed biographies of Serge Gainsbourg and Leonard Cohen. There aren’t supposed to be many rules for rock journalists, but one pretty incontrovertible one is: for God’s sake, don’t make your own music. There are, of course, exceptions, but Simmons is embarking on a difficult path previously trodden by Nick Kent, Charles Shaar Murray and Lester Bangs: great writers whose endeavours as recording artists offer compelling evidence that the twain should never meet.

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’14 Dec 2 Tue

Tuesday 2nd December

’14 Oct 28 Tue

’14 Jul 22 Tue

Tuesday 22nd July

  • Franz Ferdinand Curate Their Own 'LateNightTales' Compilation

    Franz Ferdinand are becoming the latest in a long line of acts to assemble some of their favourite songs for a LateNightTales compilation. Their contribution is due out on September 15. As always with the LateNightTales compilations, these tunes are designed for nocturnal listening. Artists who Franz Ferdinand have selected include Boards of Canada, Paul McCartney & Wings, Can, Serge Gainsbourg, Oneohtrix Point Never, James Brown, Ian Dury, Lee "Scratch" Perry and more. There is also one original contribution from Franz Ferdinand: a cover of Jonathan Halper's "Leaving...Read More

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’14 Jul 11 Fri

Friday 11th July

  • Mick Harvey: Intoxicated Man / Pink Elephants

    They are Serge Gainsbourg's songs, but it's Harvey’s show, and he does a fine job as frontman throughout.

    As a critic, I sometimes find it difficult to separate my particular love for an artist from that artist's relevance in the general scheme of things. Critics must remember, our intense love of an album does not always mean it is a progressive release that will change the pop cultural climate. Mick Harvey's two albums of Serge Gainsbourg covers, Intoxicated Man and Pink Elephants are without a doubt two of my favorite albums ever. My…

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’14 Jun 13 Fri

Friday 13th June

’14 May 20 Tue

Tuesday 20th May

  • Dark Model – “Fate”

    Dark Model is Tatsuya Oe, a highly acclaimed crafter of heavy-beat electronic music who has collaborated with the likes of James Brown and Serge Gainsbourg, in addition to opening for David Bowie and Kraftwerk. Those are just a few of the 200 or so artists he’s collaborated with. Oe remains in high demand because he creates […]

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’14 Feb 27 Thu

Thursday 27th February

  • Female pleasure in pop music

    Women pleasuring themselves in pop videos and lyrics isn't new – what's different is that male pleasure is no longer part of the equation

    Annie Clark, aka St Vincent, surprised fans last December with a new single Birth in Reverse, which featured the line: "Oh what an ordinary day, take out the garbage, masturbate." Shortly thereafter, a salacious video for Miley Cyrus's Adore materialised, in which the singer runs a sly hand down her body to signify that she too will procure her own pleasure – a routine she's also decided to play up on her current Bangerz tour. Not long after Adore appeared online, Nicki Minaj sneaked up on fans by releasing a remix of the song Boss Ass Bitch and from it sprung the words: "It's a holiday, playing with my pussy day." Most recently, on Valentine's Day, Minaj said on her new single Lookin Ass N*gga…

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