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’14 Sep 13 Sat

Saturday 13th September

  • U2's Free Album Surprise and Its Resulting Backlash, Mercury Prize's 2014 Nominees and Thurston Moore's Black Metal Rattling in Our News Roundup

    With another workweek down and another weekend fully here, here we are again with our news roundup of the week that was. Feeling a bit foggy on what went down? Let us help clear things up for you.

    First off, we of course had U2. Out of nowhere, the Irish arena god lifers released an album on iTunes for the price of free. However, the unconventional rollout of Songs of Innocence wasn't without its issues, as — warranted or not — the band and Apple soon had a nice little backlash on their hand. Also stirring controversy this week we had Sonic Youth big mouth Thurston Moore, who defended his controversial black metal comments while making a whole bunch more in the process.

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’14 Sep 12 Fri

Friday 12th September

’14 Sep 11 Thu

Thursday 11th September

  • Thurston Moore Defends Controversial Black Metal Comments by Telling Fans "You're Not Supposed to Be Alive, So Why Are You Getting Upset?"

    Last month, Sonic Youth hero Thurston Moore ruffled some feathers when he called black metal musicians "pussies of the lowest order," comments that were made somewhat baffling by his own black metal connections and his recent work with Twilight. Now, Moore has shared some more thoughts on black metal and the fallout from his remarks. When discussing the controversy with Rolling Stone, Moore opined that black metal has an aesthetic of "anti-everything," so any discussion about the genre is essentially meaningless. He added that his words were intended to be "ridiculous," but lots...Read More

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’14 Sep 4 Thu

Thursday 4th September

  • Lee Ranaldo touring, including 3 NYC shows; Sonic Youth ft. on 'Music for Plants'; Kim Gordon show at 303 Gallery coming

    Lee Ranaldo at Prospect Park in 2012 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

    Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo has a bunch of live appearances coming up, including three very different shows in NYC and a solo/acoustic tour in Europe. The first one is this Friday (9/5) at St. Ann & The Holo Trinity Church for the fifth annual Dither Extravaganza with electric guitar quartet Dither and a big, impressive lineup that also features a duo set of composer Andrea Parkins with Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase, noise metal band Cleric, turntablist DJ Rupture percussion trio Tigue, banjoist Brandon Seabrook and still more. Full lineup below.

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’14 Sep 1 Mon

Monday 1st September

’14 Aug 28 Thu

Thursday 28th August

  • Left & Right releasing an album on Infinity Cat, touring, playing NYC w/ Dead Stars & Crow Bait (dates & stream)

    by Andrew Sacher

    The way they tell it, Philly's Left & Right are just "four regular ass dudes trying to live their fucking lives man." They also happen to make pretty good poppy punk, as you can hear on new single "Age of Independence" off their upcoming album, Five Year Plan, which comes out on September 9 on Infinity Cat's Cassette Series. (The label is owned by JEFF the Brotherhood, the cassette series is curated by Diarrhea Planet's Casey Weissbuch.) The record was produced by Justin Pizzoferrato, whose work with Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Speedy Ortiz and more has made him a pretty trustworthy guy for this kinda stuff. The new song premieres in this post and can be streamed below.

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  • The Thurston Moore Band announce UK tour dates

    Band features former members of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine

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’14 Aug 25 Mon

Monday 25th August

’14 Aug 23 Sat

Saturday 23rd August

’14 Aug 20 Wed

Wednesday 20th August

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