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’15 Mar 5 Thu

Thursday 5th March

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Wednesday 4th March

’15 Mar 3 Tue

Tuesday 3rd March

  • Thurston Moore Teams Up with Merzbow, Mats Gustafsson for Cuts Project

    Thurston Moore's post-Sonic Youth career has steered him towards yet another collaborative project, with the influential guitarist now set to release an album with Japanese noise legend Merzbow (a.k.a. Masami Akita), sax blaster Mats Gustafsson and drummer Balazs Pandi. A press release confirms he's entered the ranks of the trio's Cuts project for a new double set titled Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper. A press release notes that the project follows Cuts' self-titled debut from 2013, with this latest collection of improv material adding the "shriekback guitar" of Moore into the mix....

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’15 Mar 2 Mon

Monday 2nd March

’15 Feb 28 Sat

Saturday 28th February

’15 Feb 27 Fri

Friday 27th February

  • Sonic Youth Treat 'Bad Moon Rising' to Expanded Vinyl Reissue

    What with Kim Gordon's new Girl in a Band memoir having hit book shelves earlier this week, it's as good a time as any for Sonic Youth to bring their Bad Moon Rising back to vinyl. As a press release reveals, Sonic Youth's sophomore set is being re-released on LP and CD on April 14 through the band's own Goofin imprint. The album had originally been delivered via Homestead/Blast First in 1985 and was later reissued on CD by Geffen in 1995. The last vinyl pressing of Bad Moon Rising was delivered via ORG Music/Universal in 2011. The eight-song LP was marked by the...

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’15 Feb 23 Mon

Monday 23rd February

  • Kim Gordon reveals new solo song, excerpts from her memoir

    Kim Gordon's new memoir Girl In A Band comes out next week (2/24), and it's seeming like it's gonna be pretty awesome (not that we would've thought otherwise). A few excerpts have come out where Kim has less-than-nice things to say about Lana Del Rey, Courtney Love, Billy Corgan, and her split with Thurston Moore. One also appeared where she had nice things to say about Kurt Cobain (whose birthday is today, happy birthday Kurt). Catch up on those excerpts below.

    Today a new Billboard podcast came out where Kim reads a part from her memoir about Sonic Youth's final show, and she also debuts a new solo track, "Close Your Eyes," on the podcast. Listen to that below too (song starts at 18:29).

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’15 Feb 22 Sun

Sunday 22nd February

’15 Feb 20 Fri

Friday 20th February

  • Starbucks to stop selling CDs

    Starbucks has had an investment in music since 1999 (when they acquired music retailer Hear Music), which has resulted in stores playing uniquely-curated playlists, Hear Music's performance series and Sirius XM station playing "Starbucks-friendly tunes," and the sale of CDs at Starbucks locations, including exclusive releases and themed compilations. However, according to Billboard, those CD sales will be no more:

    Starbucks, the coffee giant with over 21,000 retail stores throughout the world, will stop stocking and selling physical compact discs, Billboard has confirmed, with the CD clean-out due to start next month.

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