Just When We're Thinking It's Over by The Cox Family

"Just When We're Thinking It's Over" Cover Artwork

Just When We're Thinking It's Over


  1. I Feel the Blues Moving In 5:41
  2. Who's Gonna Pay for This Broken Heart 3:15
  3. You've Got Me to Hold on to Baby 4:04
  4. A Good Man Like Me 2:23
  5. Runaway 3:06
  6. Love of a Lifetime 3:28
  7. Cry Baby Cry 3:54
  8. Nothing Else I Can Do 3:10
  9. I Just Don't Like This Kind of Livin' 3:06
  10. Just When We're Thinking It's Over 4:21
  11. That's the Way Love Is 3:28
  12. Backroads 4:54

First released in US / 1996

Length: 42:55


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  • (US) July 1996

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