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’14 Apr 21 Mon

Monday 21st April

  • Watch U2 Pay Tribute To The Alarm For BBC Radio Wales Concert Special

    In the early ’80s, U2, from Ireland, and the Alarm, from Wales, were peers: Two bands who came out of punk rock but who quickly learned how to write enormous stadium-shaking inspirational singalongs. The Alarm peaked with 1984′s Declaration and then slowly faded from view, while U2 had a slightly different trajectory. For a new [...]

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’14 Apr 17 Thu

Thursday 17th April

’14 Apr 15 Tue

Tuesday 15th April

’14 Apr 14 Mon

Monday 14th April

  • The Black Keys – “Turn Blue”

    Next month, triumphant arena-blooz stars the Black Keys return with their new album Turn Blue, which band members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney co-produced with Danger Mouse. (If that new U2 album also comes out this year, this will probably mean Danger Mouse is 2014′s biggest rock producer, which is a weird turn for the [...]

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’14 Apr 11 Fri

Friday 11th April

  • Wolf Gang Black River: New music

    The group's Flood produced new single is comically epic, bolting big melodies onto a shimmering rush of shiny guitars and synths

    By the time Wolf Gang's major label debut album Suego Faults finally arrived in July 2011 - after a year and a half of drip feeding singles out via respected pop label Neon Gold - it felt like they'd slightly missed the boat. Caught in the wave of bands that followed MGMT's Oracular Spectacular and sharing a producer in Dave Fridmann their big-chorused, electro-tinged indie was inexplicably ignored by radio. Massive support slots for the likes of Scissor Sisters, The Killers and Coldplay soon followed, as did the band's transformation from being a solo project for multi-instrumentalist Max McElligott to a full-blown recording band on their forthcoming second album. Having signed to influential label Cherrytree US home to the likes of Disclosure, La Roux and Jessie Ware the band…

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’14 Mar 17 Mon

Monday 17th March

’14 Mar 12 Wed

Wednesday 12th March

’14 Mar 10 Mon

Monday 10th March

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