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Tuesday 19th August

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Wednesday 13th August

  • Today In U2 Rumors: Album Finished, Video Shooting In Nice

    The past few months have been peppered with hints at what U2 have up their sleeves: the Super Bowl single “Invisible,” a recording from their Bono’s beach house, and some conflicting chatter about when it will be released, the current theory being that it will be out sometime this year. Here are two more rumors [...]

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Thursday 7th August

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Thursday 24th July

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Tuesday 22nd July

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Wednesday 9th July

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Friday 4th July

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Thursday 3rd July

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Thursday 5th June

  • If Metallica are 'incompatible' with Glastonbury, who else is?

    Beyoncé, Bryan Ferry, U2 and beyond the music world is riddled with past performers who might not totally comply with the festival's assumed manifesto

    When Metallica's James Hetfield got the call from his agent asking if he'd like to provide the voiceover for a documentary on the History Channel, he probably didn't anticipateit would lead to thousands of animal rights activists attempting to oust his band from headlining Glastonbury. The anonymous organisers of a new campaign claim that his credentials as a big game hunter and promoter are "incompatible with the spirit" of the peace keeping, charity-fundraising festival.

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