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’14 Oct 23 Thu

Thursday 23rd October

  • U2 Further Apologize for 'Songs of Innocence,' Shed Light on Upcoming Follow-Up and Seemingly Scrapped Danger Mouse LP

    Regardless of your feelings about U2's blighted promo campaign behind Songs of Innocence, the Irish outfit aren't going to be dissuaded by the negative press. A new interview has the band explaining their next step, a sister set titled Songs of Experience, but not before once again recognizing that their Apple rollout might have not been the smartest course of action. Following an apology from Bono earlier this month, the singer again addressed the issue in a new interview with Rolling Stone. "It's like we put a bottle of milk in people's fridge that they weren't...Read More

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  • U2 May Have Scrapped A Danger Mouse-Produced Album

    Early in the year, we saw reports that U2 were teaming up with producer Danger Mouse for a full album, one that was expected in April. They teamed up for the 2013 soundtrack song “Ordinary Love” and the free-giveaway single “Invisible.” And then the album never came out. When U2 did pull off their surprise [...]

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’14 Oct 22 Wed

Wednesday 22nd October

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Monday 20th October

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Saturday 18th October

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