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  • U2 & Apple working on new digital music format (and another new album and tour)

    "Many, many people really, really like U2. It hasn't always been easy to remember that fact amid the caustic--and often hilarious--responses to the band's Sept. 9 release of Songs of Innocence. U2's decision to team up with Apple to deliver the new album to every iTunes subscriber, unasked, raised valid questions about consumer choice and personal space in a world that routinely infringes on both. Moreover, while Apple paid U2 for the album, critics of the deal suggest this point may have been lost on iTunes customers who got it for free. If so, that messaging is certainly at odds with U2's intentions.

    As an article in the new issue of TIME reveals, Bono, Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr believe so strongly that artists should be compensated for their work that they have embarked on a secret project with Apple to try to make that happen, no…

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  • U2's Bono defends Apple LP giveaway, says '38 million people' have listened to 'Songs Of Innocence'

    The U2 frontman has responded to 'Songs Of Innocence' criticism saying it's his band's job to 'stir things up a little bit'

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  • U2 and Apple Developing New Digital Music Format

    U2 have taken a beating over the last week after the iTunes-invading debacle behind their Songs of Innocence, but Bono says the group's partnership with the Apple brand is still as strong as ever. An interview with Time had the vocalist explaining that, together, they're developing a new technology to package "music that can't be pirated." Bono noted that the currently under-wraps project is potentially "18 months away" from an official launch, but hinted that new tech will be an "audiovisual interactive format for music that can't be pirated." Additionally, the format...Read More

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