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’15 Mar 5 Thu

Thursday 5th March

  • Mid-concert selfie stage-invasions – hasn't Dvorák suffered enough?

    What punishment for the narcissist who leapt on the Royal Festival Hall stage to take a selfie during Dvořák’s New World symphony? If only life were like the Simpsons...

    There’s an episode of Simpsons in which Homer ruins a U2 concert by coming on stage mid-song to boost his campaign to become Springfield’s sanitation commissioner. As the audience boos, Homer explains that he would be, if elected, “the most whack, tripped-out sanitation commissioner ever! Can you dig it?” Not before time the security goons drag him off stage. “Don’t worry, he’ll get the help he needs,” Bono tells the crowd. A video screen behind the band reveals Homer getting his face filled in by the aforementioned goons - totally justifiably in my view - as the band play the richly ironic accompaniment, their song In the Name of Love.

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’15 Feb 26 Thu

Thursday 26th February

’15 Feb 25 Wed

Wednesday 25th February

  • U2's Joshua Tree Vandalized

    An act of vandalism in California's Joshua Tree National Park has apparently damaged the tree pictured on U2's iconic 1987 LP, The Joshua Tree. Though it's unclear exactly when the damage was done, a fan of the band jumped onto @U2 Forum earlier this month to report that one of the tree's limb had been sawn off, Consequence of Sound points out. "This past Sunday (February 8), I made my proverbial yearly hike out to the Tree with my dog to reminisce only to find that some hack and I do mean hack, decided it was a bright idea to take a hacksaw to one of the Tree's limbs...

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  • U2 Accounted For Nearly 1/4 Of All Listeners On iOS Devices Last Month

    A new study has found that U2 accounted for almost one-fourth of listeners on iOS devices last month. The Irish rock band leads the pack with 23% of Apple customers listening to at least one U2 song in January. After a large gap, Taylor Swift comes in at number two with 11% and Katy Perry […]

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’15 Feb 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th February

  • U2 Say Their Apple Rollout Experiment Worked After All

    Last year, U2 caused a massive furor when their album Songs of Innocence was forcibly given to iTunes users, leading many to complain about the spam-like distribution and the band apologized for the "gross invasion." A new study has suggested, however, that the plan may have been successful after all, since U2 remain the most-listened-to band on iTunes. The study was conducted by research firm Kantar Group, which determined that 23 percent of music listeners with iOS devices listened to at least one U2 song during the month of January 2015. That's more than double the number that...

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  • One-fourth of all iTunes users listened to U2 during the month of January

    According to new independent study, the surprise release of Songs of Innocence has paid off.

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’15 Feb 23 Mon

Monday 23rd February

  • U2 – “Every Breaking Wave” Video

    U2 are pushing “Every Breaking Wave” as single from Songs Of Innocence. The song got a radio-friendly treatment recently, and Belfast-born director Aoife McArdle made a 13-minute short film based on the song. Now McArdle’s film has been pared down to a proper music video. Here’s a quick synopsis from YouTube: Set against the social […]

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’15 Feb 15 Sun

Sunday 15th February

  • Paul McCartney @ Irving Plaza, NYC 2/14/15

    Every now and then, I take a trip to some other, quieter city and, like a lot of people who live here, get tempted to leave New York. And then things happen, like my day gets spontaneously rearranged around seeing Bruce Springsteen fill in for Bono when U2 plays in Times Square. Or, I find [...]

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’15 Feb 5 Thu

Thursday 5th February

  • U2 expand tour, add seventh MSG show (updated dates)

    Six nights at MSG are clearly not enough for U2, as the iTunes intruders have now expanded their tour to include a seventh night at The Garden. The newly-added date happens July 30. Tickets for that show are on subscriber/VIP package presale now. Fan club bundles go on sale at 3 PM on Thursday (2/5) and the general on-sale begins at 10 AM on Tuesday (2/10). Tickets for U2's other MSG shows (except night 1 which is sold out) are still available at that same link.

    Updated dates are listed below...

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