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’15 May 20 Wed

Wednesday 20th May

  • Sinkane: 'I was always the kid who mashed up the Play-Doh'

    Sinkane’s Ahmed Gallab explains how his musical projects are all about collaboration and how working with Usher brought him to tears

    It all started with two seemingly unrelated albums: Pharoah Sanders’s Karma, a 1969 avant-garde jazz sprawl, and Brian Eno’s minimalist 1975 offering Discreet Music. Without them, Ahmed Gallab would probably not have ended up fronting Sinkane, his eclectic, funk-infused and almost exhaustingly multi-genre band.

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  • Triathalon – “Usher Surfing” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

    Last year, Savannah four-piece Triathalon put out their sunny, charming full-length debut Lo-Tide. Since then, they’ve been on tour, and are currently putting the finishing touches on their followup, but they’re looking back for now with a new video for Lo-Tide highlight “Usher Surfing.” The video is a fuzzy, shimmering mirage — pools of blue […]

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’15 May 15 Fri

Friday 15th May

  • Popcaan – “Unruly Prayer” Video (Feat. Drake)

    Bless Jamaican dancehall prodigy Popcaan for giving us this heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving in the midst of a particularly petty year. “Unruly Prayer” is a joyous, buoyant anthem of celebration and humility that rings out with particular grace, a dancehall hymn to usher in the summer. Mostly the video is clips of Popcaan and his […]

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’15 Apr 14 Tue

Tuesday 14th April

’15 Apr 8 Wed

Wednesday 8th April

  • George Usher and Lisa Burns: The Last Day of Winter

    After fighting the crippling effects of chemotherapy, George Ushers's dogged determination is apparent even at the outset.

    When an artist has been around as long as George Usher and making music deserving of wider recognition, one can only hope that with each new album it will finally be the one to gain him or her their due. And when that musician has suffered a setback of any sort, then that desire to see him or her recognized for their accomplishment becomes even more profound. Consequently, when you pair two veteran artists of…

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’15 Mar 27 Fri

Friday 27th March

’15 Mar 23 Mon

Monday 23rd March

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