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Friday 15th May

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Wednesday 6th May

  • The ballad of Bobbi Kristina Brown: born of pop royalty and plagued by tragedy

    Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s only child, Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown never had a chance to grow beyond the long shadow of her family

    This piece was originally an obituary. I thought Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown was facing imminent death. On the last day of January she was found floating unconscious in a bathtub at her Georgia home. In 2012 Bobbi Kristina’s mother was found in a bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel. Whitney Houston accidentally drowned, with help from cocaine and heart disease. Bobbi Kristina is hanging on, but only just.

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’15 Apr 9 Thu

Thursday 9th April

’15 Apr 8 Wed

Wednesday 8th April

  • Arca playing Elvis Guesthouse w/ Dutch E Germ, Ian Isiah and a special guest after Bowery tonight (on sale); Bjork Jukebox Musical happening in Bushwick

    NYC electronic musician Arca plays his sold-out Bowery Ballroom show tonight (4/8), and if you want to keep the party going somewhere MUCH smaller afterwards, you can head to Elvis Guesthouse at 11 PM where Arca plays with his pals Dutch E Germ, Ian Isiah, Sadaf (DJ) and a special guest. Any idea who it will be? Tickets for the afterparty are on sale now.

    Meanwhile, also tonight, but over in Bushwick at The Cobra Club: "Bjork Jukebox Musical: A Hastily Written Masterpiece Starring the Audience. This unique show is a mixture of music, karaoke, comedy, theater, and more. It starts at 9pm, and according to BKMag is "brought to [us] by the same geniuses (Jo Firestone, Josh Sharp, and Aaron Jackson) who also presented Beyoncé and Whitney Houston musicals (titled, respectively: Pussy to the Sky and Houston: We Have a Whitney)."

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Thursday 19th February

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Thursday 12th February

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Tuesday 10th February

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