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’15 Jul 21 Tue

Tuesday 21st July

  • Aphex Twin Lets Fans Vote on SoundCloud Tracks for Possible Release

    Aphex Twin has let loose a crazy amount of material since returning with last year's Syro. This has included a huge SoundCloud drop, featuring over 200 tracks. While nothing has been officially, explicitly confirmed, the songs supposedly come from Aphex Twin's collection of B-sides and span back to the '90s. Now, fans have developed a site where you can vote on the top tracks, with the aim for those to be chosen for an upcoming release. The track voter was designed by WATMM forum user xf and allows you to pick your favourite tracks from the full Aphex Twin track dump. ...

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’15 Jul 2 Thu

Thursday 2nd July

’15 Jun 28 Sun

Sunday 28th June

  • LA Priest: Inji review – kitchen-sink eclecticism


    In 2007, Sam Eastgate released a single track under the name LA Priest. It’s taken him eight years to follow it up with an album, the major distraction being his dance-rock quartet Late of the Pier. Since the Leicestershire band split up in 2010 – prematurely, given the promise of their debut Fantasy Black Channel – Eastgate has reportedly been building synths in a Welsh mountain retreat and studying electromagnetic phenomena in Greenland. The years have had a mellowing effect, but they haven’t dulled Eastgate’s eclecticism. He’s taken a kitchen-sink approach on the new album, melding psych rock and disco with electronics that recall Aphex Twin. Inji feels disjointed at moments but Eastgate’s stoned insouciance papers most of the cracks.

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’15 Jun 10 Wed

Wednesday 10th June

  • 061180 – “A farm in the dessert”

    I'm considering being a cloud by 061180 061180 is the project of John Parnell, a creator of avant-garde music mostly in the vein of experimental drone, ambient, and noise. Taking a cue from artists like Merzbow and Aphex Twin, Parnell crafts his own darkly intoxicating worlds that balances between ethereal and terrifying. 061180 is a project […]

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’15 Jun 8 Mon

Monday 8th June

’15 May 8 Fri

Friday 8th May

’15 May 6 Wed

Wednesday 6th May

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