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’14 Aug 25 Mon

Monday 25th August

  • DJ Koze Compiles More Remixes on 'Reincarnations Part 2'

    In addition to the excellent original work he showcased on his Amygdala LP, German producer DJ Koze has proven to be an immensely talented remixer over the years. Some of his recent work will be put on display with the newly announced Reincarnations: Part 2 LP. The album, which follows the first Reincarnations from 2009, compiles some of DJ Koze's best work. Here, the producer born Stefan Kozalla takes on work from Caribou, Apparat, Matthew Herbert, Moderat, Gonzales and many more. Though these have all been previously released in one form or another, the...Read More

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’14 Aug 15 Fri

Friday 15th August

  • LYTES – “Toska”

    LYTES is the project of German producer/songwriter Julian Prott, who just released his first single “Toska”, a richly atmospheric seven-minute epic that introduces listeners to Prott’s expert craftsmanship in regard to “heavy sample use, chopped vocals, intimate ambient passages with underlying breakbeats, and massive reverb-laden synth outbursts.” Appropriately, Prott references talented names like Caribou, Apparat, […]

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’14 May 5 Mon

Monday 5th May

  • Apparat to Score Kristen Stewart Film 'Equals'

    The always busy Sascha Ring has plenty on his plate. In addition to running the Shitkatapult label, he also tours and makes music with Modeselektor as Moderat. Of course, he's best known for the forward-thinking electronic project Apparat, which he's recently revisited to score an upcoming film. Director Drake Doremus has tapped Apparat to create original music for Equals, an upcoming futuristic romantic drama that stars Twilight's Kristen Stewart alongside Nicholas Hoult. The film was written by Nathan Parker, who previously wrote the excellent space-set thriller...Read More

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’14 Apr 28 Mon

Monday 28th April

’13 Oct 9 Wed

Wednesday 9th October

  • Schiller: Opus

    A perfect marriage between classical and electronic music as consecrated by Deutsche Grammophon.

    Germany has always been at the forefront of music. From classical era composers, such as Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and Schumann to early electronic experiments by the likes of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Gottfried Koenig, and Klaus Schulze, Germany has been pushing the evolution of sound, and some may argue that it is the catalyst for many of the emerging genres. Today, German electronic music is shaped by the sounds of Sascha Ring (Apparat), Hendrik Weber (Pantha…

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’13 Oct 4 Fri

Friday 4th October

  • Boys Noize Tapped for New FABRICLIVE Mix

    Berlin-based electro dude Boys Noize is next on the docket to deliver a mix in Fabric's beloved FABRICLIVE series. For the 72nd edition of the popular release series, the producer born Alexander Ridha has compiled an enormous and diverse mix, including material from Mr. Oizo (with Marilyn Manson, natch), Dog Blood, Four Tet, Spank Rock, Apparat and more. The producer explained his strategy with the following statement: I really tried to sum up my two to three hour set in 70 minutes. My sets usually include many styles and at some points I mix pretty fast too. I play some...Read More

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’13 Aug 23 Fri

Friday 23rd August

  • Moderat: II

    Germany’s reigning electronic kings Modeselektor and Apparat unite yet again for II, a collection of danceable yet curiously melancholy tracks. Amidst the moody fray, however, are some would-be pop hits that show just how far these guys have come along.

    To use the word “supergroup" when discussing Moderat, the joint venture of German electronic mainstays Modeselektor and Apparat, is a little more than misleading. As the recent documentary We are Modeselektor attests, the German electronic music scene is a genial, friendly place, and more often than not one is likely to stumble on popular musicians chatting as were they old friends. Such is especially the case with Apparat and Modeselektor, who have had similar stories…

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’13 Aug 15 Thu

Thursday 15th August

’13 Jul 29 Mon

Monday 29th July

  • Stream Moderat II

    When they released their self-titled debut album four years ago, the Berlin-based smart-thump trio Moderat found an ideal middle ground between their component parts — the cerebral stutters of Modeselektor and the emotive deep-house of Apparat. And now they’ve gotten the band back together for another album, the creatively titled II. And even in a [...]

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