Starshaped by Blur

UK alternative rock band

"Starshaped" Cover Artwork



  1. Intermission
  2. Can’t Explain
  3. There’s No Other Way
  4. Luminous
  5. She Is So High
  6. Colin Zeal
  7. Pop Scene
  8. When Will We Be Married
  9. Sunday Sunday
  10. Wassailing Song
  11. Coping
  12. Day Upon Day
  13. For Tomorrow
  14. Chemical World
  15. Advert
  16. Commercial Break
  17. Pop Scene (live in Kilburn)
  18. Fool (live in Kilburn)
  19. High Cool (live in Kilburn)
  20. Bad Day (live in Kilburn)
  21. Oily Water (live in Kilburn)
  22. Slow Down (live in Kilburn)
  23. There’s No Other Way (live in Kilburn)
  24. Turn It Up (live in Kilburn)
  25. She Is So High (live in Kilburn)
  26. Wear Me Down (live in Kilburn)
  27. Come Together (live in Kilburn)
  28. Day Upon Day (live in Kilburn)
  29. Sing (live in Kilburn)
  30. Explain (live in Kilburn)
  31. Outro (live in Kilburn)
  32. Won’t Do It (live at the Princess Charlotte)
  33. There’s No Other Way (live at the Princess Charlotte)
  34. High Cool (live at the Princess Charlotte)
  35. Wear Me Down (live at the Princess Charlotte)

First released in / 2004

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  • () 2004 – on Parlophone