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’15 Jul 27 Mon

Monday 27th July

  • stream Big Blood's 'Double Days I & II,' see them in Jersey City

    by Andrew Sacher

    Portland, ME husband and wife duo Big Blood (aka Caleb Mulkerin & Colleen Kinsella) have been making truly eccentric psychedelic folk for almost a decade now. They have countless releases that make use of genuinely raw production and several sounds and instruments that fall outside of the typical "folk" spectrum. If you haven't heard their stuff, perhaps you've heard Caleb contribute similarly raw production to O'Death. Or maybe you've heard both Caleb and Collen contribute accordian, vocals, dulcimer, guitar, piano and more to Swans' 2012 album, The Seer.

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’15 Jul 25 Sat

Saturday 25th July

’15 Jul 24 Fri

Friday 24th July

  • The Night That Bob Dylan Went Electric

    Fifty years ago this weekend Bob Dylan scandalized crowds at the Newport Folk Festival with an electric guitar. Murray Lerner, a filmmaker who shot the festival, recalls the scene.

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’15 Jul 23 Thu

Thursday 23rd July

  • #ThrowbackThursday: Bob Dylan went electric at Newport Folk Fest 50 years ago

    One of the greatest live music moments in American history is five decades old this weekend.

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  • Hip-hop on top as Kanye West beats Bob Dylan in breadth of lyrical vocabulary

    Analysis of vocabulary used by 99 of the biggest-selling artists finds Eminem and Kanye West streets ahead of Dylan and the Beatles for number of words used

    He has been hailed a genius and described as the greatest songwriter America has ever produced. But new research pitting the lyrical breadth of Bob Dylan against some of today’s most successful rap artists suggests the times they are a-changing. Analysis of the vocabulary used by 99 of the biggest-selling artists has revealed that the lyrical vocabulary of hip hop’s finest, including Eminem, Jay Z, Tupac Shakur and Kanye West, features hundreds more words than that of Dylan.

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’15 Jun 8 Mon

Monday 8th June

  • A Nightly Ritual: Bob Dylan's Never-Changing Set List

    Bob Dylan's current show is a book musical without the book, crafted by the American Shakespeare.

    16 May 2015, Columbus, Ohio—As if the place and date have anything to do with it. Do they? If you've seen Bob Dylan perform live in the past year or so, you've heard the same set they heard in Seattle, Washington and Rostock, Germany, with Dylan eventually inserting two songs from his standards album, Shadows in the Night, "Stay With Me" in late 2014 and "Autumn Leaves" in late April of this year. Some devoted…

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’15 Jun 1 Mon

Monday 1st June

’15 May 29 Fri

Friday 29th May

’15 May 28 Thu

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