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’15 Aug 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th August

’15 Apr 8 Wed

Wednesday 8th April

’15 Mar 9 Mon

Monday 9th March

  • Georg Breinschmid: Double Brein

    Austrian bassist Georg Breinschmid has done it all on one release, a miracle to be shared by all.

    I read somewhere that Charles Mingus was considered to be the ideal three-pronged attack in jazz. He was 1) a master bassist, 2) a unique composer and 3) a tenacious bandleader. Add all three traits together and his relative obscurity in a Ken Burns miniseries is all the more baffling. But the multi-talented musicians always risk being swept under the rug. If you want attention, focus on one thing only and do the hell out…

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’14 Oct 25 Sat

Saturday 25th October

’14 Jul 9 Wed

Wednesday 9th July

  • Numero Group Reveal Third Unwound Box Set

    The Numero Group will continue its loving reissue campaign behind Pacific Northwest punk crew Unwound this fall, having just delivered the details behind a third box set, No Energy. This latest compendium actually hasn't received a proper due date yet, but Numero has outlined that it will be a 32-song set highlighting the band's 1995 LP The Future of What and 1996's Repetition. According to a press release, this particular time period had the band moving away from their post-hardcore tendencies to include elements of "kraut, D&B, and [Charles] Mingus." As with...Read More

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’14 May 13 Tue

Tuesday 13th May


    There’s a lot going on with III, which makes it ultimately worthy of your time.

    Recently, a friend of mine who moved to Germany gave me a whole bunch of jazz and classical vinyl LPs and CDs. Rather than ship them to Germany, or put them into storage, she wanted them to be played and enjoyed, so she gave them to me. I got my hands on a ton of classic jazz from Dave Brubeck, Billie Holiday, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington and more. I’ve tended to enjoy these records after…

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’14 Apr 11 Fri

Friday 11th April

  • Counterbalance: Charles Mingus' 'Oh Yeah'

    Oh Lord, don't let them drop that atomic bomb on me. At least not until we've had a chance to talk about a 1962 masterpiece by composer Charles Mingus. Counterbalance delivers the jazz this week.

    Klinger: Back when we first announced our shift away from the numerical constraints of the Great List, we both bemoaned the list's overall rock-centric nature, which left little room for other genres, including country, folk, hip-hop, and (most notably for me) jazz. Well, buddy, here's our chance. The album I've chosen to get a little more jazz into these proceedings — Charles Mingus' 1960 Atlantic release Oh Yeah — isn't considered especially canonical (it clocks…

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’14 Mar 15 Sat

Saturday 15th March

’14 Jan 31 Fri

Friday 31st January

  • Charles Mingus: The Jazz Experiments of Charlie Mingus

    This set, issued originally in 1955, may not be one of Mingus's classics. It just misses that rarified air, but it's an important foundation for other, better regarded records from later in his career.

    Charles Mingus is, of course, one of the wilder personas jazz history has produced. The larger than life bass player refused easy definition -- he thought himself, for instance, more a frustrated pianist than a bass player -- and refused to fall into trends. His melding of various styles of jazz, and various styles of music and tradition within his compositions, makes him an endless fascinating study. But it's the sheer force of his playing,…

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’14 Jan 5 Sun

Sunday 5th January

  • Saul Zaentz obituary

    Oscar-winning film producer behind One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Amadeus and The English Patient

    The career of the film producer Saul Zaentz, who has died aged 92, was marked not only by his independence (his productions were often largely self-funded) but also by his dedication to each individual film. Unlike most producers, who have numerous projects on the go, Zaentz worked on just one at a time. This resulted in a relatively short CV but one with a high share of Oscars, including three best picture winners: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), Amadeus (1984) and The English Patient (1996).

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