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’15 Feb 23 Mon

Monday 23rd February

’13 May 24 Fri

Friday 24th May

  • Massive Attack v Adam Curtis

    MIF's flagship show is a tantalising team-up between moody musical pioneers Massive Attack and The Power of Nightmares' Adam Curtis. The band's Robert Del Naja tells us about venturing into the unknown. Find out more about the festival in the free guide, with the Guardian on 25 May

    • Massive Attack's Mayfield collaborators

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’12 Oct 27 Sat

Saturday 27th October

  • Massive Attack's blueprint for UK pop's future

    In 1991 the laidback Bristol collective roused themselves to unleash their debut album. Reissued 21 years on it remains a landmark. Here, an early champion of the band recalls its making and its lasting influence

    The three members of Massive Attack were invited to do a DJ set on a French radio programme some time back in the early 90s. Having written about and befriended the group back then, I was lucky enough to receive one of the few cassette-only recordings of the set. It offered an illuminating glimpse of the musical undercurrents they'd drawn on in making their groundbreaking debut album, Blue Lines, released in 1991.

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’12 May 25 Fri

Friday 25th May

’12 Mar 25 Sun

Sunday 25th March

  • Exclusive: the inside story of the Streets

    Mike Skinner emerged from the Birmingham garage scene, a musician poet who captivated a generation of fans with his wit and honesty. Now he writes about those years – the binges, the feuds, the need for authenticity that would end in illness and finish the Streets

    • The first album I ever owned was Vanilla Ice's To The Extreme, which I got for Christmas when I was 11. I'm quite proud of the fact that I listened to it once and thought: "That first song is a tune, but the rest of this is rubbish."

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’11 Dec 9 Fri

Friday 9th December

  • From the Dug Out to DMZ and dubstep

    A Radio 1Xtra series is documenting the history of classic club nights. Its maker, Emma Warren, lists the 10 most important institutions of the last 25 years

    Throughout history there have always been examples of the creative genius that can develop when interesting people come together – think of Bletchley Park in the second world war, for instance, or the Bloomsbury Group. Or of an outsized rave in Milton Keynes called Sidewinder that unwittingly became a cradle for the nascent grime scene.

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’10 Aug 4 Wed

Wednesday 4th August

’10 Jul 12 Mon

Monday 12th July

  • Tricky gears up for ninth album

    Featuring guest spots from his little brother and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie, Mixed Race will be released in September

    Tricky has announced details of his ninth studio album, Mixed Race. Despite his recent reconciliation with Massive Attack, the LP boasts a very different set of collaborators, including Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and Tricky's little brother, Marlon Thaws.

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’10 May 13 Thu

Thursday 13th May

’10 May 12 Wed

Wednesday 12th May

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