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’15 Aug 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th August

  • Steve Lewis - "Off This Rock" (audio) (premiere)

    Glam meets garage rock on this raucous new track by the Nashville musician.

    Nashville artist Steve Lewis is set to release his latest album Creepers & Vines, and if it's anything like its opening track "Off This Rock", it'll be a must-hear when it comes out in three weeks. With roaring guitars that echo Neil Young and Crazy Horse, sparkling harmonies reminiscent of glam David Bowie, and an undeniable sense of fun, it's a blast of rock 'n' roll that shames any white male indie rock that's come…

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’15 Jul 17 Fri

Friday 17th July

’15 Jul 16 Thu

Thursday 16th July

  • Readers recommend: songs about safety … and danger | Peter Kimpton

    Hot spillages to electrifying risks, broken glass to scary stunts, name your songs that include details of physical danger and ways to stay away from harm

    When the Mother Superior sang Climb Every Mountain, as a dreamy call to action to a despondent nun Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, did she not consider that ropes, crampons, warm/waterproof clothing and a whistle to attract attention might be required? And when the Supremes released Up the Ladder to the Roof, and decades later, Lorde’s Ladder Song climbed up the charts, did none of them think to ask a friend to stand and hold the base during use, and that the model, whether wooden or aluminium, of step or folding variety, should comply with HSE standards INDG455?

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  • Vampire Weekend's Baio releasing debut solo LP, touring; Ezra Koenig launched his Apple Music show (listen to it)

    by Andrew Sacher

    photo: Baio w/ Vampire Weekend in Chicago in 2014 (more by James Richards IV)

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’15 Jul 14 Tue

Tuesday 14th July

  • David Bowie in Australia: an alien from another planet, singing for this one

    Bowie’s legacy in Australia includes the overtly political video for Let’s Dance, partly shot in outback NSW. As the blockbuster exhibition David Bowie Is arrives in Melbourne, contemporaries reflect on the surprising strength of his bond with Australia

    • Let’s Dance: Bowie Down Under – an extract from the documentary

    David Bowie Is, the celebrated V&A exhibition, finally arrives in Australia this week, after an extensive two-year global tour that’s crisscrossed Europe and North America. Although its subject won’t be touching down for the event at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne (rumour has it he visited the original London show in disguise in 2013), Bowie’s relationship with Australia will inevitably loom large.

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  • Filming David Bowie's Let’s Dance video in Australia – video

    In 1983, David Bowie and David Mallet shot the video for Bowie's hit, Let's Dance, in Sydney and rural New South Wales, Australia. Rubika Shah and Ed Gibbs have made a short documentary, Let's Dance: Bowie Down Under, about the making of that influential video, which made a huge statement by featuring several young Indigenous actors. In this extract from the movie, the team discuss filming in the middle of a busy Sydney road. 'Nobody so much as slowed down,' said Mallet. 'Unbelievable'

    • Let's Dance: Bowie Down Under screens at Melbourne international film festival on 9 and 15 August Continue reading...

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’15 Jul 1 Wed

Wednesday 1st July

’15 Jun 26 Fri

Friday 26th June

’15 Jun 24 Wed

Wednesday 24th June

  • Smokey: How Far Will You Go?: The S&M Recordings, 1973-81

    How Far Will You Go? collects the proto-disco glam rock sides from these out and proud iconoclasts.

    Unlike the similarly styled works of David Bowie and Lou Reed, Smokey never managed to break through to a broader audience. Much of this can be chalked up to the lack of mystery surrounding their sexuality. Where Bowie and Reed flirted with the notion of bisexuality and were often coy about their true orientation, preferring to remain enigmatic, Smokey, like the equally unsuccessful Jobriath, made no bones about their sexuality. Out and proud, theirs was…

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’15 Jun 23 Tue

Tuesday 23rd June

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