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’15 Aug 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th August

  • EDM and hip-hop's bad bromance needs an intervention

    The two genres were always like long-lost siblings, but Pitbull and Flo Rida have taken things to another dimension of wrong – but it doesn’t have to be this way

    Hip-hop and electronic dance music were born of pretty much the same place, and flirted awkwardly with each other for many years (remember the rap/dance of the Jungle Brothers?). Now their public displays of affection are constant and a bit lewd, like a teenagers dry-humping in a park.

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’15 Jul 16 Thu

Thursday 16th July

’15 Jul 13 Mon

Monday 13th July

’15 Jun 29 Mon

Monday 29th June

  • How R&B got its groove back

    In the late 00s, R&B had lost its edge. But in 2015 it reigns supreme again thanks to innovative, introspective artists such as Frank Ocean, Drake and Miguel, all of whom are due to release eagerly awaited albums soon. Just don’t mention the ‘hipster’ tag…

    Occasionally, a musical genre will be so sonically revolutionary that it will become untethered from the context of its creation. Styles such as hip-hop or country or house are so broad and mutable, it’s difficult to imagine that they will ever fall out of favour. But these are the exceptions. Most musical genres – UK garage or bluegrass or new rave – are forever linked with their origin story. They, of course, have a loyal hardcore fanbase and continue to produce some new artists, and they may even fall back into favour from time to time, but they remain a trend rather than a transformation.

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’15 Jun 14 Sun

Sunday 14th June

’15 Jun 11 Thu

Thursday 11th June

’15 Jun 1 Mon

Monday 1st June

’15 May 24 Sun

Sunday 24th May

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