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’15 Jul 21 Tue

Tuesday 21st July

  • Cult heroes: Nellie Lutcher could be saucy to the core and radiate innocence

    Nellie Lutcher’s career was killed by the birth of rock’n’roll, but her take on swing is irrepressible and irresistible

    Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald … Nellie Lutcher? The three women were close contemporaries in years – Holiday and Lutcher were born just six months apart in 1915 – but not in fame: like so many swing artists of the 1940s and early 50s, Lutcher’s popularity didn’t survive the onslaught of rock’n’roll. Six decades later, pressing play on one of her hits feels like popping the cork on a bottle of sunshine: there is such bright, cheeky verve in her voice as it bounces across a rhythm and lets go of the melody so that notes shoot balloon-like into the sky. This might be why she never reached the heights of fame the way Ella and Billie did: she wasn’t a deep-in-the-soul singer the way they were. She had trained as a…

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’15 Feb 22 Sun

Sunday 22nd February

’15 Feb 9 Mon

Monday 9th February

’15 Jan 30 Fri

Friday 30th January

  • Brooklyn's Paramount Theatre to host live entertainment for the first time in over 50 years

    Not to be confused with nearby Paramount Theaters, like the ones in Asbury Park, Long Island or Westchester (or less nearby ones like the one in Austin), Brooklyn's Paramount Theatreon Flatbush will begin hosting live entertainment for the first time in over 50 years. (Also not to be confused with another re-opened Flatbush Avenie venue, Loew's Kings Theatre.) A press release reads:

    Barclays Center affiliate Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment has formed an alliance with LIU Brooklyn in which it will begin bringing entertainment to the university's historic Brooklyn Paramount Theatre.

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’15 Jan 29 Thu

Thursday 29th January

  • Bone music: the Soviet bootleg records pressed on x-rays

    In 50s Soviet Union, western records such as Rock Around the Clock and Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy were banned. But intrepid music lovers found a way to defy the authorities by making bootleg pressings on discarded x-rays

    In 1952, Morris Levy – who conducted the day-to-day running of Charlie Parker’s Birdland – decided the New York club needed a sonic calling card, a theme tune ambiguous enough to sound like a love song, but that could run out into the world and trumpet the low-lit glamour of a venue frequented by Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Marlene Dietrich. Sixty-three years later, the measure of its success is trilling out of the speakers, via Leningrad, at a Bloomsbury gallery space. Ella Fitzgerald’s Lullaby of Birdland sounds both utterly familiar and yet distant and ghostly – as if heard from across a street being pummelled by torrential rain. Cast your eyes on the…

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’15 Jan 15 Thu

Thursday 15th January

’14 Dec 26 Fri

Friday 26th December

’14 Dec 17 Wed

Wednesday 17th December

  • Nikki Yanofsky: Little Secret

    She started as a pre-teen Ella Fitzgerald clone, flirted with being Norah Jones, and now (at 20) finally sounds like the young pop singer she is...despite some lingering belief that she needs to "give jazz new life".

    Nikki Yanofsky Mad Libs Nikki Yanofsky is a ___________________ [adjective] singer who started out ___________________ [gerund phrase] and seemed destined to ___________________ [dire prediction for the future]. Well, whaddaya think? The obvious answers are: YOUNG and IMITATING ELLA FITZGERALD, but that third was has not been so obvious. Yanofsky appeared at her hometown Montreal Jazz Festival when she was just 12 years old — one of those Young Jazz Phenoms that seem to appear every…

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’14 Nov 20 Thu

Thursday 20th November

  • New Riffs From Jazz Lips: From Eminem to Sun Ra

    There's an unending flow of vocal jazz these days, which is a blessing and a curse. Beyond the glut of rehashed standards from 50 years ago, some original work shines.

    When I was first listening to jazz as an adolescent boy, I dreaded "jazz vocals”. Sure, I dug Ella Fitzgerald, and hearing Louis Armstrong sing sent something electric through my core. But most jazz singing seemed hopelessly corny to me: all curlicues and boop-di-bopping, or else music that I couldn’t really distinguish from the “easy listening” stuff that my parents used as sonic wallpaper in their living room. Over time, my taste matured. I still…

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’14 Sep 12 Fri

Friday 12th September

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