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’15 Aug 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th August

  • EDM and hip-hop's bad bromance needs an intervention

    The two genres were always like long-lost siblings, but Pitbull and Flo Rida have taken things to another dimension of wrong – but it doesn’t have to be this way

    Hip-hop and electronic dance music were born of pretty much the same place, and flirted awkwardly with each other for many years (remember the rap/dance of the Jungle Brothers?). Now their public displays of affection are constant and a bit lewd, like a teenagers dry-humping in a park.

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’15 Apr 6 Mon

Monday 6th April

  • Jeremih – “Tonight Belongs To U!” (Feat. Flo Rida)

    Jeremih has been promising us his full-length album Late Nights: The Album for two years now — it was supposed to come out last October and got pushed back. Today, the Chicago R&B crooner has shared a new, clubby track featuring Flo Rida called “Tonight Belongs To U!” It’s probably not particularly what long-time Jeremih […]

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’15 Mar 16 Mon

Monday 16th March

’15 Feb 17 Tue

Tuesday 17th February

’14 Nov 27 Thu

Thursday 27th November

’14 Oct 2 Thu

Thursday 2nd October

’14 Aug 22 Fri

Friday 22nd August

  • Flo Rida And Sage The Gemini’s “GDFR”: Listen To The Horn-Filled Song

    Doesn’t it seem like Flo Rida chucks a song out every other week or so? No? Yes? Green? Chinchilla? Anyway, here’s Flo Rida chucking out a new song called “GDFR” — it stands for “going down for real” — which features Sage The Gemini and the really classy line “girls getting wetter than Katrina.” Sorry, ... More »

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’14 May 31 Sat

Saturday 31st May

’14 Apr 29 Tue

Tuesday 29th April

’14 Apr 17 Thu

Thursday 17th April

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