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’15 Aug 13 Thu

Thursday 13th August

’15 Aug 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th August

  • Ezra Furman – “I Can Change” (LCD Soundsystem Cover)

    LCD Soundsystem’s “I Can Change” is a great song because it makes you feel OK about being really fucking sad. It’s a love ballad turned kinda-sorta apology blackened by the damning language of someone who’s had their heart broken and knows that it’s mostly their fault. But there’s a spark of goofy optimism to be […]

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  • The surgeon's cut: what do doctors listen to in the operating theatre?

    A new study has suggested that background music may not be beneficial for surgeons. From ZZ Top to Kanye, medical professionals reveal the sounds they play when you’re under the knife – and what it does to their performance

    Orthopaedic surgeon at King’s College hospital, London

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  • All Hail Hair Metal Heart

    Ever since grunge rock turned Heart’s hair metal meal ticket into a scarlet letter, the Wilson sisters have twisted one of the greatest arena rock trilogies ever into a Judean desert-level tale of temptation with a Mutt Lange-ish Devil offering up industrial-sized cans of Aqua-Net, too-tight corsets and platinum albums in lieu of all the kingdoms of the world.

    Towards the close of Ann and Nancy Wilson’s dual 2012 Heart memoir Kicking & Dreaming Ann writes of a “typical” early nineties party at her house featuring “a dozen or so soon-to-be-famous musicians, the cream of the crop of the Seattle grunge scene,” a soiree which culminates with soon-to-be-famous, ultra creamy Jerry Cantrell crawling into the raven-haired singer’s bed, wasted and clad in her clothes—“He was sleek and lanky, and his long blonde hair covered…

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’15 Jul 25 Sat

Saturday 25th July

  • Why is Sophie Hunter taking Britten’s Phaedra to a Beckett festival?

    How the experimental stage director joined the dots between Benjamin Britten, Jean Racine and Samuel Beckett

    The curatorial vision at the heart of Happy Days, the Samuel Beckett festival held in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, is as dynamic as it is mischievous, with the links between the programme and Beckett often intriguingly oblique. The result is not only a thrilling sprawl of work, but also an implicit invitation to the audience to play an active part in understanding it. We are asked to trace the intellectual connections back to Beckett and, as I have discovered, each one opens up not only new readings of the work in hand, but also a deeper appreciation of the great man himself.

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  • Rick Parfitt: 'I can survive anything after three heart attacks'

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’15 Jul 24 Fri

Friday 24th July

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