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’15 Aug 13 Thu

Thursday 13th August

  • Lithuania streaming debut LP, feat. members of Hop Along

    by Andrew Sacher

    Philly's Lithuania is another band of Eric Slick of Dr. Dog, but they're nothing like that band. Eric collaborated with Dominic Angelella (also of DRGN KING) to make the kind of crunchy, fuzzy rock that's closer to Weezer or indie rock's recent flirtations with pop punk and emo. The album was produced by Hop Along's Joe Reinhart and Thin Lips' Kyle Pulley, and Hop Along singer Frances Quinlan makes an appearance on the album's title track, "Hardcore Friends," along with Field Mouse singer Rachel Browne. The album comes out August 14 via Lame-O Records (pre-order physical or digital), and a full stream premieres below.

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’15 Aug 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th August

’15 Jul 27 Mon

Monday 27th July

’15 Jul 24 Fri

Friday 24th July

  • Joe Satriani: Shockwave Supernova

    Joe Satriani is joined by a crack band on this album, but it also features some of his most emotive and brilliant playing in 26 years.

    Fifteen studio albums into his career, you could forgive Joe Satriani for making a bad record every now and again, but the Long Island native remains one of those rare players/composers who never disappoints. Not only is he prone to never playing beneath his talents, but he also seems incapable of repeating himself. Shockwave Supernova finds Satriani working in a more stripped-down format with much of his playing sounding raw and direct: cable, fingers, guitar,…

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’15 Jul 23 Thu

Thursday 23rd July

’15 Jul 22 Wed

Wednesday 22nd July

’15 Jul 21 Tue

Tuesday 21st July

  • Get Your Smiling Poo Guys Ready: Sony Pictures Is Making an Emoji Movie

    In a world that includes Joe Dirt 2, an upcoming Monopoly movie and all sorts of other tasteless depravity, it's easy to think that Hollywood has run out of bad ideas. Then, we're treated to some wonderful news like this: Sony Pictures is working on a new emoji movie.  It's worth noting that the company is not exactly very good at the internet, but they'll still try to reach some of those smartphone-obsessed millennials with a new film from their animation studio. As Deadline reports, Sony beat out two other studios to obtain the various smiley faces and weird, pixellated...

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’15 Jul 20 Mon

Monday 20th July

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