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’15 Jul 13 Mon

Monday 13th July

’15 Jun 29 Mon

Monday 29th June

  • At Folsom Prison: Every Dream and Every Crisis Means the Rise

    Nervousness and talent make the band’s third album a brilliant departure point from which to venture into unknown territories.

    What we know about At Folsom Prison is not much. The obvious reference in the moniker, for starters, betrays a band with solid roots in the past and a healthy dose of social awareness (Johnny Cash, anyone?). As for the music itself, you could call it “post-hardcore” and, yes, you wouldn’t be too far from the truth. Hard rock? I don’t see why not, since the angst and the canons of the genre are vaguely…

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’15 Jun 27 Sat

Saturday 27th June

’15 May 15 Fri

Friday 15th May

’15 May 5 Tue

Tuesday 5th May

’15 Apr 21 Tue

Tuesday 21st April

’15 Apr 3 Fri

Friday 3rd April

  • California's Amoeba Music turns 25: 'We’re like an art museum'

    First record sales collapsed and now downloads are declining – but passionate staff and customers at Amoeba Music in California have weathered the storm

    The joke Marc Weinstein likes to tell when the co-founder of California-based record chain Amoeba Music is asked about what he does for a living, is that he’s basically worked in and around record shops for most of his life to avoid getting a real job.

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’15 Mar 31 Tue

Tuesday 31st March

  • Cult heroes: Tom T Hall, the singer who wrote of real lives and changing times

    The country star was admired by both Johnny Cash and Kurt Vonnegut; it’s not surprising they felt kinship with a man whose songs were perfect short stories

    It might seem odd to consider someone who’s written almost 40 top 10 hits as little known, but in the UK at least, Tom T Hall’s name isn’t one most music fans will be familiar with. The majority of those songs were on the US country music charts, and it’s only been the rarest country star who’s made it to household-name status in Britain. Yet to consign Hall and his treasure trove of songs to oblivion doesn’t just do the man and his work a disservice, it impoverishes our globalised culture immeasurably.

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’15 Mar 20 Fri

Friday 20th March

  • Record Store Day is thriving – but could it kill our independent shops?

    What began as an event for indie labels and stores to flourish has been hijacked by major labels. Now, shops and customers suffer jacked-up prices, says Sonic Cathedral label boss, Nathaniel Cramp

    Last week, after people had had enough time to digest the 587 releases on this year’s Record Store Day list, my label, Sonic Cathedral, joined forces with Bristol agent provocateurs Howling Owl to issue a cryptic and poetic statement about a new joint release. It would feature Spectres and Lorelle Meets the Obsolete covering each others’ songs – and we weren’t releasing it for RSD. Instead, we announced we were going to release one copy per day, every day, for the next year via It was a light-hearted way of making a point that every day should be record store day; the logistics – such as realising 2016 was a leap year – could come later.

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