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’12 Sep 11 Tue

Tuesday 11th September

  • 20 Questions: múm

    Iceland's múm hasn't done things the easy way: the group has done them its own way, making lo-fi electronic soundscapes that depict a manically wonderful world of its own creation. To celebrate its new rarities compilation, múm chats with PopMatters.

    The titles of múm's albums tell a remarkably self-deprecating tale. There's Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know from 2009. Yesterday Was Dramatic -- Today Is OK was the group's 2000 debut full-length. And, of course, 2002's sophomore effort Finally We Are No One. Yet such self-deprecation is just one facet of this infinitely intriguing Icelandic combo. Its sound -- which quietly terraforms pop and electronic genre standards into its own brand of beautifully rendered,…

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’12 Jun 29 Fri

Friday 29th June

  • múm: Early Birds

    While we might never again hear múm create the music that they did on their debut, thankfully Early Birds has produced some more material from that time.

    Before Iceland’s múm decided to recreate itself as an indie-pop act, they were the leaders of glitchy soundscapes. Yet, despite the heavy use of electronic instrumentation, there was something very natural about their music. What fellow Icelanders Sigur Rós did in creating sweeping cinematic music with weeping strings and guitars, múm did with blips and beeps. For those of us longing for the return of the early days of múm, there’s the newly released rarities…

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’12 May 10 Thu

Thursday 10th May

  • Múm to Release Rarities Compilation

    Icelandic ambient group Múm will release Early Birds, a collection of 15 rare songs released between 1998 and 2000-- the period before they put out their first album. The compilation is out July 17 via Morr Music and consists of demo tracks, bonus cuts from limited edition vinyl releases, and "forgotten songs."

    Early Birds:

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’10 Jun 15 Tue

Tuesday 15th June

’10 Jun 11 Fri

Friday 11th June

  • Mice Parade Explore What It Means to Be Left-Handed on New LP

    Over the years, New York busybody Adam Pierce has dabbled in more than a few projects. Along with running Bubble Core Records, he’s lent his talents to the likes of HiM, múm and the Dylan Group. To top it off, he fronts the percussive post-rock group Mice Parade, who have just announced the follow-up to their 2007 self-titled effort. (More after the jump.)

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’09 Dec 14 Mon

Monday 14th December

  • múm and Seabear Concert In Reykjavík

    After a year of almost non stop touring through North America, Europe and Asia, múm returns to Reykjavik for a celebratory homecoming show on December 18, 2009, in the small but charismatic Iðnó ...

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’09 Oct 23 Fri

Friday 23rd October

’09 Sep 29 Tue

Tuesday 29th September

  • múm/Sing Fang Bous Head Stateside

    It's been a tremendous year for múm so far. Their fifth album, Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know , was released to incredible critical applause last month (see reviews here ) , and a whole mum...

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’09 Aug 12 Wed

Wednesday 12th August

  • Icelandic Bands In US Documentary

    An article in the Iceland Review last week has revealed that the Icelandic bands múm , Ruxpin and GusGus are to be featured in an upcoming documentary series, In Search of Sound. Over fifty...

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’09 Jul 29 Wed

Wednesday 29th July

  • múm tour - Update

    múm have confirmed a whole string of new tour dates across the summer. The band, whose new album Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know just received five stars for its first print review in Mojo ,...

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