Joyride: Remixes by Mirah

US singer, songwriter & musician

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Joyride: Remixes


  1. The Light (The Lyte Myx by Hooliganship) 2:50
  2. La Familia (remix by Guy Sigsworth) 3:53
  3. Monument (remix by Anna Oxygen) 3:07
  4. Nobody Has to Stay (Nervous & Blandsow C. remix by Shawn Parke) 2:21
  5. Don't Die in Me (Nighttime in the Delta mix by Bryce Panic) 4:47
  6. Apples in the Trees (You Don't Have to Rave mix by Pash) 3:02
  7. Sweepstakes Prize (remix by Ben Adorable) 5:36
  8. Make It Hot (remix by Tender Forever) 3:14
  9. Advisory Committee (Advised by Shok mix by Shok) 5:32
  10. The Dogs of B.A. (remix by Krts) 5:10
  11. Jerusalem (Chopped and Screwed by Yacht) 3:08
  12. Don't Die in Me (version by Mt. Eerie by Mt. Eerie) 3:20
  13. The Fruits of Your Garden (The Fruits of Your Garden by Khaela Maricich) 2:15
  14. Mt. St. Helens (Nervous Redux by Shawn Parke) 4:45
  15. Make It Hot (All Over remix by Yacht) 3:53
  16. Pollen (Pee Pollen mix by Lucky Dragons) 3:16
  17. Cold Cold Water (remix by Electrosexual & Abberline) 5:56
  18. Advisory Committee (Earl St. Ives mix by Emily Kingan) 3:09
  19. La Familia (Handsome mix by Chris Baker) 3:29
  20. We're Both So Sorry (Screamclub mix feat. Gina Young by Screamclub) 4:53
  21. The Light (remix by DJ Beyonda) 3:19
  22. Apples in the Trees (Balvanera House Party mix by Bryce Panic) 4:59

First released in DE / 2006

Length: 76:04

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  • (DE) Monday 20th November 2006