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’15 Jul 23 Thu

Thursday 23rd July

  • Joss Stone: Water for Your Soul

    Think of it as the aural equivalent of a Lego set. One can use the simple bricks in different styles and colors to make something that stands out as special.

    Joss Stone has never hid her ambitions to conquer the globe. In her public statements and on her recordings, Stone’s persona has always been boastful and proud. She’s currently on a world tour in which she plans to visit 204 countries in three years. Stone is also taking on world music on her reggae-based new album, Water for Your Soul. The results are somewhat mixed. Sometimes the riddims set her free to pursue her muse…

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’15 Jul 15 Wed

Wednesday 15th July

’15 Jul 8 Wed

Wednesday 8th July

  • Muse: 10 of the best

    Conspiracies! Epics! Classical interludes! The Illuminati! It could only be a survey of the never knowingly underblown Muse

    It would take three rereleases before Muscle Museum landed in the charts at No 25 in 2000. The slog to Top of the Pops is documented throughout debut album Showbiz, from playing the toilet circuit to the corporate shows mentioned on album opener Sunburn; “I’ll feel a guilty conscience grow,” sang Matt Bellamy, although having disinfected every toilet in a West Country caravan site before becoming an international rock star, he needn’t have felt too guilty. While ignored by the music press at first, Muse found a champion in Steve Lamacq on Radio 1, and in the unlikely guise of Madonna, who indirectly signed them to her Maverick label in the US (by indirectly, I mean she had nothing to do with it). They didn’t last long with the record company, eventually…

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’15 Jun 29 Mon

Monday 29th June

’15 Jun 25 Thu

Thursday 25th June

’15 Jun 23 Tue

Tuesday 23rd June



    Pssst! Hey buddy! Wanna buy a record? Yeah? By God, then step into our office! It’s still the clarion call of Drag City Records after all these years, where we'll sell 'em one at a time - or six at a time, but one of each! - and you know what? We must have found our calling.Why let others have all the fun of turning the world upside on the downside with our catalog of maniacs and the things they call “records”? I mean sure, they can try – but so can we (and already, we’re really trying, aren’t we? – early last-nerve ed.)! And when the shit goes sideways – and it probably had better, this country’s goin’ to the dogs otherwise – fuck you! We’ll still be holding it down here at the venerable ol’ IB (= “Ivory Bunker,” aka DCHQ – MF…

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’15 Jun 16 Tue

Tuesday 16th June

’15 Jun 15 Mon

Monday 15th June

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