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’15 Aug 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th August

  • Reappraising Ian Anderson's 'Minstrel in the Gallery'

    Minstrel in the Gallery seems as autobiographical as any Jethro Tull album, before or after, and there is a vulnerability and sensitivity that the songwriter was simply growing into.

    Jethro Tull, again? Seriously? Yes, seriously. The reason Tull warrants continued discussion is because unlike just about all other prog rock acts of the mid-‘70s, they were -- in their businesslike, seemingly obligatory fashion -- cranking out one masterful effort each year. In 1975, progressive rock was, we now know with the benefit of hindsight, already on its way to the dinosaur pit. Pink Floyd was, arguably, hitting their prime stride, releasing possibly their most…

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’15 Jul 27 Mon

Monday 27th July

  • My Morning Jacket were Roger Waters' band @ Newport (setlist)

    As rumored, Roger Waters used My Morning Jacket as his backing band at a Newport Folk Fest on Friday night (7/24). We'll talk more about that in more detail later, but as you can see in the setlist above and below, My Roger Jacket played Pink Floyd songs, Waters solo songs, and some covers too. MMJ played their own set too. Amy Helm (Levon's daughter), G.E. Smith, Lucius and Sara Watkins also joined for some songs. MMJ, Roger, and G.E. Smith previously teamed up for a Levon Helm related benefit in 2012.

    Though it was gorgeous all day, the clouds really started rolling in during MMJ, and the skies opened up during Roger's set. The sun was back out by the end of his set though.

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’15 Jul 25 Sat

Saturday 25th July

’15 Jul 24 Fri

Friday 24th July

  • My Morning Jacket backing Roger Waters at Newport Folk Fest???? Stream the fest online

    photo: Roger Waters tour 2012 (more by Dana "Distortion" Yavin)

    photo: My Morning Jacket @ GovBall (more by PSquared Photography)

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  • Pink Floyd nearly released a hip-hop album in 1987

    David Gilmour almost had a momentary lapse of reason.

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  • David Gilmour adds additional shows in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto (updated dates)

    As mentioned, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour is releasing a new solo album, Rattle That Lock, which will be out September 18. Since our last post, he's shared the title track of the album and you can stream that below.

    Gilmour will be playing arena shows in Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago and New York City in 2016 and he's added second shows for all four cities. The new NYC date is April 12 at Madison Square Garden which is the day after his first MSG show (4/11, which is sold out).

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  • Roger Waters: Amused to Death (take 2)

    Amused to Death, emerged as a dark, desultory look at the domination of the media as a brainless but powerful influence in the shaping of mankind’s political, religious and social ideals.

    The term “lighthearted” and the name Roger Waters have never appeared in the same context, and if Waters’ increasingly edgy façade is any indication, they likely never will. Where Syd Barrett was the madcap core of Pink Floyd’s psychedelic flirtations, and Gilmour, Wright and Mason were the enthusiastic fellow travellers, Waters was the band’s existential visionary, the musician who’s fatalistic concepts and futuristic mindset helped lay the course for the band’s biggest breakthroughs, specifically Dark…

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’15 Jul 23 Thu

Thursday 23rd July

  • Roger Waters: Amused to Death (take 1)

    In 1992, Roger Waters released a mighty record that was given the bum's rush by pop history. Remixed, repackaged, and remastered, it's back to teach us a lesson.

    Ex-Pink Floyd bassist/songwriter Roger Waters hasn't had a "proper" solo album since 1992's Amused to Death, and it wasn't exactly heavily trumpeted at the time of its release. The newly liberated Waters did make a minor splash on AOR radio in 1987 with a few cuts from his second solo release Radio K.A.O.S., but the Waters-less Floyd more or less stole that year from him with the blockbusting A Momentary Lapse of Reason and its…

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