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’15 Aug 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th August

  • EDM and hip-hop's bad bromance needs an intervention

    The two genres were always like long-lost siblings, but Pitbull and Flo Rida have taken things to another dimension of wrong – but it doesn’t have to be this way

    Hip-hop and electronic dance music were born of pretty much the same place, and flirted awkwardly with each other for many years (remember the rap/dance of the Jungle Brothers?). Now their public displays of affection are constant and a bit lewd, like a teenagers dry-humping in a park.

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’15 Jul 24 Fri

Friday 24th July

  • Prince Royce: Bronx bachata king poised to go global

    Brought up in a Dominican family in New York, Prince Royce became a huge star in the Latin community – and with his new album Double Vision, his ambitions stretch even further

    “Hey, who recorded for Double Vision from China?” new bachata sensation Prince Royce asks his publicist. “Ah, yes, that’s right, it was Pitbull. He was on tour there when he recorded his verse.”

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  • ArtsBeat: Popcast: Prince Royce, Pitbull and Multilingual Pop Music

    Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, culture editor at Jezebel, Jon Caramanica and Ben Ratliff of the Times discuss the ceiling of success in bachata, various ideals of international and multilingual pop, opportunities versus opportunism, and the romantic versus the global.

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’15 Jul 17 Fri

Friday 17th July

’15 Jul 16 Thu

Thursday 16th July

  • Samantha Jade’s “Shake That” B-Side Is An Absolute Gem: Listen To “Armour”

    Samantha Jade collaborates with Pitbull on new single "Shake That," but the B-side is even better. Listen after the jump.

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  • How to memorise a symphony

    A musician’s ability to remember vast quantities of notes is one of the great wonders of the human mind. As the Aurora Orchestra prepares to play Beethoven off by heart at the Proms, neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin explains how the brain makes music happen – and why he can’t get Elvis Costello out of his head

    Like many people, I often find that I have little snippets of music playing in my head when my brain is meant to be doing something else. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to what this miniature jukebox decides to play. It could be something I just heard, something I’m practising for performance, or a melodic line from Die Walküre, Pitbull or Frozen. Sometimes it’s triggered: a colleague sent me an email this morning that said “There’s no action item for you on this” and, 10 minutes later, I discovered Elvis Costello’s…

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’15 Jun 26 Fri

Friday 26th June

’15 Jun 9 Tue

Tuesday 9th June

’15 Jun 8 Mon

Monday 8th June

’15 Jun 7 Sun

Sunday 7th June

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