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’12 Mar 19 Mon

Monday 19th March

  • Eurovision 2012: UK entry risks Engelbert's street cred

    It's fine for the UK not to take Eurovision seriously, says Alexis Petridis, but then we shouldn't get upset when other countries don't see the joke

    It's fair to say that Engelbert Humperdinck's Love Will Set You Free received a mixed response from web commentators when it was unveiled on the BBC's website on Monday.

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  • Eurovision 2012: Engelbert Humperdinck 'very proud of song'

    Singer unveils tune that will represent UK in Baku, with former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips choreographing his performance

    "If you love someone follow your heart, cos love comes once if you're lucky enough," Engelbert Humperdinck will sing when he represents the United Kingdom at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

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’12 Mar 8 Thu

Thursday 8th March

  • It's worth taking Eurovision seriously

    In Sweden, the race to decide each year's entry is taken so seriously that the hint of a fix causes outrage. The UK could benefit from the same commitment to encouraging new artists

    Swedish National Television – Sweden's equivalent to the BBC – recently screened an expose on the Swedish competition to find a Eurovision entry. The core accusation was that the producer of the show was able to influence which songs and artists would be entered in the regional competitions – and he tended to favour professional songwriters and known artists. Participants in the show declared this just wasn't fair, as each submission should be considered on the quality of the song. What would they have said about the UK's "selection process"?

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’12 Mar 1 Thu

Thursday 1st March

’10 Apr 1 Thu

Thursday 1st April

  • Behind the music: How Lady Gaga's pop partnership became a Bad Romance

    Lady Gaga's $30m lawsuit with her former boyfriend and collaborator is a reminder that 'pre-nups' are a must for creative marriages

    Creative marriages have produced huge hits over the years. But, like their romantic counterparts, the odds are against them lasting. And when you mix the two, things tend to get even more fraught – something Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari demonstrated last week when he filed a $30m lawsuit against her. Gaga hit back with her own lawsuit against Fusari, her former boyfriend and collaborator.

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