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Wednesday 15th July

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Friday 12th June

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  • The Holydrug Couple releasing 'Moonlust' and touring North America, playing Northside Fest (dates, song streams)

    Chilean psych duo The Holydrug Couple will release their new album, Moonlust, on May 12 via Sacred Bones. The new album was recorded in Chile, and then mixed in Brooklyn by The Men's Ben Greenberg. It's a somewhat new direction for the band, with Serge Gainsbourg's soundtrack work being an admitted influence. You can stream two tracks off the album below.

    The Holydrug Couple will be on tour in North America starting next month, and their tour will wrap up in NYC for shows at The Northside Festival in June. Details on those Northside show are still TBA, but all announced dates are listed below.

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Wednesday 1st April

  • Jane Birkin: 'No, Serge, I won’t lick my lips and pout'

    As a previously lost film score by Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier is unearthed, Rock’s Backpages this week reprints Barney Hoskyns’ meeting with Jane Birkin for Vogue in 2003, to discuss the late pop provocateur

    The remains of an English breakfast stand on a table, and several bags are strewn around the room – one of them a well-worn example of the famous Hermès “Birkin bag”.

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Tuesday 31st March

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Monday 30th March

  • Lost Serge Gainsbourg Soundtrack Unearthed

    Legendary French artist Serge Gainsbourg left behind a massive discography when he passed away in 1991, but there are still releases that we haven't heard. Among them is a soundtrack from 1969 that was presumed lost until now. It'll finally be released next month. Working with Jean-Claude Vannier, Gainsbourg composed the score to the 1969 film Les Chemins de Katmandou. The master tapes were thought to have been destroyed, so the release has never been reissued. Earlier this year, however, the masters were discovered in an old suitcase by the daughter of one of Vannier's associates. ...

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Friday 20th February

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Tuesday 13th January

  • Le Common Diamond: Swedish Summer Dream EP

    Second four-track EP from Le Common Diamond hits the beach for the summer.

    French pop music is known to be a little erratic. For every genius-like Serge Gainsbourg there is a disposable Europop dunce lurking in the background. Europop can be fun on summer holidays, but when you take the record home it is somehow not the same in a different setting, bereft of the sea and sunshine evidenced from a hotel balcony. To take an extreme example, "Macarena" (not French, but definitively Europop) is probably not something…

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