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Monday 27th July

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Friday 24th July

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Wednesday 22nd July

  • Kurt Vile shares new single "Pretty Pimpin" & LP details

    by Andrew Sacher

    Kurt Vile recently announced that he'd be releasing his new album, b'lieve i'm goin down, this fall, and now we have more details on that. It's due September 25 via Matador (pre-order). That's the artwork above, and the tracklist is below. The first single is opening track "Pretty Pimpin," which immediately feels different from his previous records, yet unmistakably KV. Watch its video below.

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’15 Jul 21 Tue

Tuesday 21st July

  • Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo Treated to New Documentary

    Silver fox guitar slinger Lee Ranaldo has had a long, deep career outside of his work as a member of Sonic Youth. As such, he's the perfect subject for a new documentary. The film is called In Doubt, Shadow Him! and was directed by Arnaud Maguet in collaboration with French production house Hifiklub. Rather than a standard music doc, however, the artist will be featured in what is being described as a "drift" rather than a standard movie.  In addition to Ranaldo, the film features appearances from Nels Cline, Ikue Mori, Phill Niblock, Alan Licht, Robin Rimbaud, John...

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  • Lydia Lunch: 'If it's for the money, you're not doing art. You're doing commerce'

    The no wave legend has worked with Sonic Youth and Nick Cave, written books and created art. At 56, she still rages against the commercialisation of pop culture

    Lydia Lunch takes the stage in Berlin. Gazing behind her black bangs into the front crowd at Urban Spree’s DYS Festival, she points her red nails through the dry ice, screaming: “Narcotics and psychotropics, ecstasy slips through my hands. I’m still searching for the drug – I need a year in a sexual coma to take care of my problems – I tried crack five times, I couldn’t get high.”

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’15 Jul 14 Tue

Tuesday 14th July

  • Flying Saucer Attack: Instrumentals

    Instrumentals balances simplicity and depth, abrasiveness and beauty, with rare skill, reminding anyone who does not already know that Flying Saucer Attack are masters of this type of music.

    Of all the early 90s shoegazers, noise-mongers, feedback addicts, and experimental rock enthusiasts, few seem in retrospect more significant and underappreciated than Flying Saucer Attack. They never had the punk grit of Sonic Youth, nor the melodic sensibilities of Slowdive, nor the pulverizing heaviness of Earth, but Flying Saucer Attack had much in common with all of these bands and played very much at the same level of creativity. If you are looking for a…

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Monday 13th July

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Sunday 12th July

’15 Jul 8 Wed

Wednesday 8th July

  • Pop Montreal Expands 2015 Lineup with Viet Cong, Braids, Tim Hecker

    Pop Montreal had already announced some of the artists who will be playing at this year's 14th annual edition of the festival, and now the organizers have confirmed more acts that will be coming to the city between September 16 and 20. These new additions include Viet Cong, Braids, the Besnard Lakes (performing in a 17-piece formation with strings and horns), Tim Hecker (presenting his Fog Works II), the Barr Brothers, Last Lizard (formerly known as Dirty Beaches), Nick Diamonds, Greys, Suuns & Jerusalem in My Heart, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Micachu & the Shapes, Crosss, Arto Lindsay,...

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’15 Jul 2 Thu

Thursday 2nd July

  • Apple Music launched with Thom Yorke, AC/DC ++ Beats 1 Radio (featuring shows w/ St. Vincent, Joshe Homme, more)

    by Bill Pearis

    Apple Music, the new streaming-radio-social-etc platform from the iTunes/iPod/iPad/Macbook folks, launched Tuesday (6/30) on IOS devices, and today (7/1) it was included with the brand new version of iTunes. It seems to want to take on Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, Sirius/XM and everything else in one fell swoop. It features personalized "radio stations" based on an artist you like, or your music library, and they offer curated playlists from artists (like St. Vincent) and influencers (like Pitchfork) -- though finding them on Apple Music is not so easy, currently. You can listen to Thom Yorke's solo records on Apple Music (it's not on Spotify) and AC/DC who just agreed to put their music on various streaming platforms yesterday. Dr. Dre's The Chronic is exclusively streaming on Apple Music too. You can check out Apple Music with their three-month free trial.

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