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’15 Mar 11 Wed

Wednesday 11th March

’15 Mar 4 Wed

Wednesday 4th March

’15 Feb 25 Wed

Wednesday 25th February

  • Sannhet streaming new album; show with TWDY is this week

    by Andrew Sacher

    Sannhet have been one of Brooklyn's best post-metal bands for a while now, and next week they'll release their anticipated sophomore album (and first for The Flenser), Revisionist. We already posted the crushing single "Lost Crown" and the title track, and now they've made the whole album available to stream. It's soaring, epic music that stays captivating from start to finish, despite the lack of a vocalist. And sure their metal ties make this a heavy album, but it's nothing that wouldn't appeal to fans of Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros as much as it would appeal to fans of Neurosis. Take a listen below, via Pitchfork.

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’15 Feb 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th February

’15 Jan 13 Tue

Tuesday 13th January

  • 2:54 – “Crest” Video

    British sister duo and one-time Band To Watch 2:54 put out their sophomore record The Other I last year, and they’ve just shared a video for album track “Crest.” The black-and-white video sees them performing with a full band against a rapidly flashing strobe light, and was directed by Charlie Robins, Chris Hugall, and Daniel [...]

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’14 Dec 4 Thu

Thursday 4th December

  • Liars – “Mask Maker (Extended Version)” Video

    Liars released their seventh studio album, Mess, back in March, which included the strobe-like track “Mask Maker.” The song’s introductory words are declaimed in a haunting baritone, which doesn’t detract from their humor: “Take my pants off,” the voice commands, “smell my socks, eat my face.” You can download an extended version of the original [...]

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’14 Dec 3 Wed

Wednesday 3rd December

  • The Soft Moon announce third LP, 'Deeper' (stream a song)

    by Bill Pearis

    Luis Vasquez is back with his third album as The Soft Moon. Titled Deeper, Vasquez made the record in Italy with producer Maurizio Baggio and marks a bit of a course-correction from the driving, motoroik synthrock of The Soft Moon's first two LPs. Says Vasquez:

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’14 Nov 11 Tue

Tuesday 11th November

’14 Oct 30 Thu

Thursday 30th October

  • Best of CMJ 2014: our 11 favorite acts

    Bo Ningen @ BV CMJ 2014 (via @brooklynvegan instagram)

    CMJ 2014 is now just a fading handstamp on our inner wrist (and maybe a slight ring in our ears). We've posted photos from our various parties and other shows we caught but we thought, before we put the fest to bed entirely, we'd pick our favorite performers from the week. This year, it just ended up that many of the bands we were looking forward to (and often had play our shows for that reason) were the ones who wowed us the most. Here's our Top 11 bands from CMJ 2014 (in alphabetical order):

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’14 Oct 29 Wed

Wednesday 29th October

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