Taylor Swift Reviews

Speak Now (2010)

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    BBC Music Review of Speak Now by Taylor Swift…At 14 songs – and most comfortably over four minutes – Speak Now is too long, and when you've heard half a dozen perky laments…

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    Taylor Swift 'Speak Now' No time for teardrops, country star spits venom. Spin Rating7 of…Before you've even heard Taylor Swift's new album, it's hard to…

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    Taylor Swift has the face of an angel and the heart of an assassin; just look at the bevy of famous guys she slays in songs from her third album Speak Now.…

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    The albums we missed: Taylor Swift makes her difficult third album look easy, says Alex Macpherson

Fearless (2008)

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    musicOMH reviews the album Fearless by Taylor Swift, released on Mercury.

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    BBC Music Review of Fearless by Taylor Swift…Reading the review of Fearless by the critic above makes you realise the damage Raves and Rave Drugs do to your Mind! They turn…

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    Country-pop singer Swift is one of them. Her self-titled debut... Pop review: Taylor Swift, Fearless. This article appeared on p49 of the Reviews & features section of the…

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    Album: Taylor Swift, Fearless, (Big Machine) - 1…Offensive or abusive comments will be removed and your IP logged and may be used to prevent further submission.…

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    Taylor Swift has conquered the US with her dull pop-rock. Can she do the same here? By Alexis Petridis