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’15 Feb 17 Tue

Tuesday 17th February

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Sunday 1st February

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Tuesday 27th January

  • At The BBC, The Beatles Shocked An Institution

    Between 1962 and 1965, The Beatles were featured on 53 BBC radio programs. For The Beatles: The BBC Archives, Kevin Howlett had to search for many of these recordings, and they weren't easy to find.

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Tuesday 30th December

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Monday 29th December

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Sunday 21st December

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Tuesday 16th December

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Saturday 13th December

  • The vinyl art of Daniel Edlen – in pictures

    Arizona-based artist Daniel Edlen has been collecting vinyl since he was a teenager at art school. One day he combined his two passions of art and music, and started painting musicians on to their records. ‘The Beatles were the first,’ he says, ‘of course.’ He uses acrylic paint and prefers to use records that would otherwise be thrown away, although the flipside can still be played. ‘I like the tangibility of vinyl, the memories,’ he says. ‘I remember what the cabinet smelled like with my dad’s records, the sound of the shrink-wrap crinkling, the feel of the record in your hand as you flip it from one side to the other.’

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’14 Dec 9 Tue

Tuesday 9th December

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