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Thursday 16th July

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Wednesday 15th July

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Saturday 11th July

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Thursday 9th July

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Tuesday 7th July

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Thursday 2nd July

  • Tink – “Million” Video

    Tink has been a little shaky this year between the tepid, preachy flop of “Ratchet Commandments,” and Timbaland’s endless obsession with making her into Aaliyah. She’s so far from that archetype that this doesn’t even make sense as a strategy — but I digress. “Million” is part of a move back toward the slinky minimalism […]

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Tuesday 9th June

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Wednesday 3rd June

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Tuesday 2nd June

  • Chris Cornell Takes "Acoustic Higher Truth Tour" Across North America

    It's a fact that Chris Cornell's upcoming Higher Truth solo album hits stores this September, and now it's been revealed that the Soundgarden singer will be taking off on tour around the same time. While earlier reports hadn't pinpointed a solid arrival time for the record — Cornell's first proper full-length solo album since 2009's Timbaland-assisted Scream — it's now landed itself a September 18 release date. The newly revealed batch of tour dates, appropriately called the "Acoustic Higher Truth Tour" start up just a couple of days later. According to a...

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