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’14 Jan 31 Fri

Friday 31st January

  • Get a bloomin' move on – the music of Michael Caine films

    Michael Caine's early films defined the look of an era, but with scores by John Barry, Quincy Jones and Sonny Rollins they also defined its soundrack

    There is a kind of music in Michael Caine's voice: deceptively flat, barely inflected, emitting just the tiniest glints of detached insolence and laconic menace as it maps the area between the pre-war docklands community of Rotherhithe, his birthplace, and Elephant and Castle, where his family was rehoused in a prefab built on bomb-damaged land not far from the location of Shakespeare's theatres. Few people alive know more about the actor's craft than Caine, none is more gifted in the art of underplaying, and that voice is integral to his virtuosity.

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’13 Nov 22 Fri

Friday 22nd November

  • Tindersticks: Across Six Leap Years

    A great band releases a set of carbon-copy versions of great songs to mark the beginning of their third decade. Confusingly, it's about as good as it is inessential.

    Over an illustrious 21-year career, Tindersticks have been a lot of things, but I’m not sure they’ve ever been baffling before. And I’m not sure how else to describe Across Six Leap Years, ten of their songs rerecorded in a way that’s close enough to the original versions to cause confusion. It’s not a best-of or greatest hits collection; the band describe these as songs that got lost along the way. It’s not a live…

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’13 Jul 3 Wed

Wednesday 3rd July

  • Tindersticks Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary with 'Across Six Leap Years' Album

    Twenty years after Nottingham, UK's Tindersticks issued their self-titled debut, the moody indie troubadours have announced plans to issue a new, celebratory release titled Across Six Leap Years. Details are still shaping up behind the set, but the group's upcoming 10th full-length release reportedly has them reinterpreting 10 songs from their back catalogue. A tracklisting has yet to be unveiled, but a newly released album trailer shows footage of the band crafting serene soundscapes at London's Abbey Road studios this past in April. You can see the video down below. "Recording...Read More

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’13 Jun 10 Mon

Monday 10th June

  • Jarvis Cocker gears up to be Sheffield Doc/Fest's Man of Steel

    As Superman prepares for global lift-off, Cocker fine-tunes the premiere of the opening night film at the Sheffield Doc/Fest

    This year's Sheffield documentary festival kicks off on Wednesday with a double celebration for the city: it's hosted the fest for two decades, and it's put in 100 making stainless steel.

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’13 Jan 15 Tue

Tuesday 15th January

  • New band of the day – Satellites (No 1,431)

    Got the post-yule blues? Then try this album of epic croon-rock

    Hometown: Copenhagen.

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  • They Whisper in Our Ear, ‘Don’t Waste It’: An Interview with Tindersticks

    PopMatters chatted with baritone-voiced vocalist Stuart Staples about losing loved ones, finally embracing "Le Chien Chanceux," and emerging with an album capable of "saying 'Fuck you' to the world."

    "At the album's heart lies the memory of the people we have lost in these last 2 years, but we were in no mood to be maudlin. It's to them. But it's for us. We are still drinking, laughing, crying, fighting, fucking, making our music. They wouldn't have wanted it any other way." -- Tindersticks, The Something Rain "I hate finishing things," says Start Staples of recording The Something Rain, Tindersticks' latest boozy, cabaret-pop passage…

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’12 Aug 29 Wed

Wednesday 29th August

  • End of the Road 2012: festival preview

    Who to see this year at Dorset's Larmer Tree Gardens

    North Dorset's Larmer Tree Gardens plays host to the seventh End of the Road festival this weekend. Here are our highlights from the lineup – along with a selection of things to read, watch and listen to.

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’12 Jul 2 Mon

Monday 2nd July

’12 Jun 24 Sun

Sunday 24th June

’12 Jun 21 Thu

Thursday 21st June

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