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’15 Jul 6 Mon

Monday 6th July

  • Wharfer: Acadia

    If Jeff Tweedy, Glen Hansard, and Sufjan Stevens met Tom Waits at Justin Vernon’s Wisconsin cabin, the result would be Acadia.

    If Jeff Tweedy, Glen Hansard, and Sufjan Stevens met Tom Waits at Justin Vernon’s Wisconsin cabin, the result would be Acadia. Despite being Brooklyn-born, Kyle Wall’s second record is a closer reflection of his Scranton, Ohio upbringing than the gentrified borough he resides in. It’s a retreat, an intimate invitation to his mental musings, unhurried and lush in its puzzling prose, heightened by the best parts of folk and Americana. Wall’s grained warble bares an…

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’15 May 15 Fri

Friday 15th May

’15 Apr 15 Wed

Wednesday 15th April

  • The Last Tycoon - "Ballad of the Bloodstained Bible" (audio) (Premiere)

    What happens when you buy a $50 dollar banjo off of Craigslist? If you're the Last Tycoon, you write an ominous tune in the vein of Tom Waits called "Ballad of the Bloodstained Bible".

    While living life as an expat in Stockholm, John Gladwin -- also known as the Last Tycoon -- found himself longing for a place a bit removed from the chilly north: the state of Arkansas, his place of birth. No wonder, then, that upon returning to the United States, Gladwin took to Nashville to record Death by Dixie EP, whose Americana roots make Gladwin's fondness for the South quite plain. For Death by Dixie, Gladwin…

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’15 Apr 13 Mon

Monday 13th April

’15 Feb 17 Tue

Tuesday 17th February

  • José González : Vestiges and Claws

    José González delivers a lovely and dreamy set of songs defined by their humble grace.

    The process of a singer-songwriter can be comparable to that of a novelist. Certainly, the lyrics of Fiona Apple, Mark Kozelek, and Tom Waits can stand as their own pieces of prose without the help of melodies. José González has decided to play with this as a concept on Vestiges and Claws. It comes, most obviously, with the song titles: “With the Ink of a Ghost”, “Stories We Build, Stories We Tell”, and “Open Book”.…

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’15 Feb 9 Mon

Monday 9th February

’14 Oct 9 Thu

Thursday 9th October

  • Iggy Pop To Play Serial Killer In Crowdfunded Argento Film

    Iggy Pop has spent some time moonlighting as an actor over the years, and his filmography is a weird one: Cry-Baby! Tank Girl! The Crow: City Of Angels! Snow Day! That scene with Tom Waits on Coffee & Cigarettes! And next year, he may get his first shot as a leading man. Obviously, he’ll play [...]

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’14 Sep 9 Tue

Tuesday 9th September

’14 Sep 8 Mon

Monday 8th September

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