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’15 Jul 27 Mon

Monday 27th July

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Friday 24th July

  • Bono Releases Sunglasses Line for Charity

    It was revealed last year that Bono's ever-present sunglasses are worn because he suffers from glaucoma. Now, the U2 frontman has announced that he's teamed-up with eyewear makers Revo to get glasses to the vision-impaired as part of a new worldwide campaign. A press release explains that the "Buy Vision, Give Sight" campaign has goals to "help prevent vision impairment and blindness in more than 5 million people by 2020." Henceforward, $10 from every sale of Revo sunglasses will go towards providing various eyecare measures to "under-resourced communities around the world." This...

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  • Negativland's Don Joyce, RIP

    Don Joyce (second from left) with Negativland around the time of the "U2" single

    Don Joyce of electronic innovators and culture satirists/critics Negativland died Wedensday at his home in Oakland, CA. He was 71. A DJ at Berkley's KPFA, he coined the term "culture jamming" and hosted his midnight sound collage show "Over the Edge" since 1981 and continued to broadcast. Negativland shared the sad news on their website:

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Thursday 23rd July

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Wednesday 22nd July

’15 Jul 21 Tue

Tuesday 21st July

  • A Re-Examination of U2's 'Songs of Innocence'

    With the publicity surrounding its Apple-sponsored release now a thing of the past, let's examine U2's conversation-starting Songs of Innocence for what it actually is.

    Now that the dust has settled, let's return to the latest U2 album, Songs of Innocence, and get to the bottom of it, shall we? What say we ignore the media hullabaloo, the obligatory mini-biography insert, the wooden appraisal of legacy, you know, the standard machinery of criticism in general, and just focus on the songs on hand?

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