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      Q. The Compendium is showing content to which I own the copyright, such as photos or videos, and I request that it be removed.

      A. All third-party data that the Compendium provides access to, and does not own the copyright to, has either been released into the public domain, or is available under a license that is fully complied with (or believe to be complied with).

      Any other elements that do not come with specific and clear licensing are believed to have been used within the sphere of 'fair dealing'. does not host third-party images or videos, and reports of copyright infringement must be directed to the sites hosting them (such as flickr or youtube).

      Q. Information/media in the Compendium is incorrect, inaccurate or misleading.

      Yes, unfortunately this does happen from time to time. The Compendium is an experiment and-for the most part-works autonomously. There can be a little trouble with artists who have popular names or feature common words. There are a few ways to teach it about what it should or should not show, so if you see an artist profile that is in really bad shape, please let me know and I'll do my best to improve it. At the moment it's not quite clever enough to alone discern the difference between the musician "Polar Bear" and polar bears that live in the Arctic, but improvements in this area are under continual development.

      Q. There is a profile entry under my name/band which I do not wish to be included. I would like it to be removed.

      No problem. The intention of is only to help people discover music, musicians and those people connected with it. Simply send a request using the contact form below, and we can go from there.


      I try my best to read messages and reply within a day or so, but occasionally I might be unable to since this I have all that rigmarole that goes with a full-time day job :-) and sadly I can't dedicate all the time I'd like to spend on this project. Please check the frequently asked questions to see if your question's already been answered.

      Sorry, the contact form is not currently working. If you need to contact me, please send an email to mail - at - beardscratchers - dot - com. Thanks!

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