One thing I love about all the APIs and web-services out there—especially those from commercial entities—is that they’re driven, designed and built by developers for developers.

They bypass all the detritus in ‘economic leveraging’, ‘strategic incubation’, ‘synergistic e-business’ and the rest of the bullshit and produce something simply for the challenge and love of experimentation. Last week flickr exemplified this beautifully, and really renewed my faith in the development and web community at-large having a good sense of humour. Yet at the same time pushing forward at what’s possible with data and technology. I present:

The Rainbow Vomiting Panda of Awesomeness

If the image wasn’t enough to warrant the highest of praise—I foresee pandas as the new meme to beat unicorns— flickr have just launched a couple of very curious and fun API calls that may have limited usefulness but really exalt what today’s Web should be about.

We’re no longer a passive Web of static, inaccessible content. Today’s Web is a huge, living, breathing pool of data and it’s all about seeing what we can do with it!

Long may the renaissance continue!

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